Shiny new!!



look! here's a picture of a web on a post and I've put a post on the web!!.... I know.

ok, first blog post ever in a year laid-out bare before us,… fresh, still wet,   like the sand on Bembridge beach when the thin tide runs back to it’s deep, watery home.   I’ve sat for a while not wanting to plonk my heavy size 7s all over it’s perfect smoothness, but then the five year old inside me squeeled loud as she often does.  So here I am stomping about the internet with my coat of extended metaphore and wonder-goggles on.

I want to create a corner in which to share the frankly ridiculous amounts of joy I get from the natural world and the stories that arise from it.

I hope you find a cosy spot here and are able to pad around a bit, fluff up some saggy old cushions and settle down into a place of purring happiness.

I really wish I could purr.


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  1. You’re a storyteller – and how. I’m off to build a fire ( with carefully graded twigs) and make some tea and reheat the sausage rolls and settle down to feel the world around…. Thank-you!!!


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