I’ve never really grown up but find that I am now married with a daughter and living in Saffron Walden.

I have worked with primary aged children for over 10 years in Environmental Education, helping to pioneer the Forest School movement across the East of England.

I began by telling The Magic Porridge Pot round the fire at a Forest School session to 15 grubby, eager 4 year olds in 2006  They adored it. I adored it.  Professional training with Emerson College and Ben Haggarty of the Crick Crack Club quickly followed and continues still with Marion Leeper of Cambridge Storytellers and Tom Hirons of Hedgespoken.

Now I’m an oral storyteller, which means carrying the tales I tell in my head. I like to tell folk tales, wonder tales, tall tales that cannot be pinned to an author or time or exact place, but echo deep within a forgotten cupboard in our insides.

I work mainly in primary schools, nurseries and at private parties, music and literature festivals.  This recently has included The Royal Mint Experience, Foyles Charing Cross Road, The Imagine Children’s Festival at the Southbank Centre, Penguin Random House Publishing, Hay Festival, Cheltenham Literature Festival, British Summertime Festival Hyde Park, Cambridge Literary Festival, OnBlackheath Festival, Cambridge Folk Festival, Seven Stories National Centre for Children’s Books, Being Human Festival in conjunction with Exeter University, Bath Children’s Literature Festival, Key Theatre Peterborough, Cambridge City Council, Vivacity at Peterborough City Council, weddings, garden parties and an astonishingly wet village fete.


Stories land in my heart other Storytellers, tattered old books and from memory. From here, they travel up into my head where they get jiggled around a bit, only to then tumble from my mouth in a flurry of excitement and delight. They then tend to waft about the ear region of most listeners, landing in the hearts of a few, before they travel up into new heads for more jiggling…. And so it goes. The lifecycle of a story.


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