20190103_122408_0000Storytelling Parties for 4-7 year olds

Give your little one a truly wonderous birthday full of storytelling, songs and delightful silliness!

I am a professional Storyteller with 10 years experience working with primary aged children.  I tell folk tales, fairy tales, wonder tales, call them what you will; stories to bring a smile and a giggle to your little one’s face.

I ask that if parents are staying that they come and sit with children for the story as it really helps everyone have a great time. Although I can boom my voice when I need to, sitting with you child means that they will be able to hear me better as most halls are quite echoey. It’s also a great opportunity for a cuddle with your little one too.

No party would be complete without games though, right?  All games played are inclusive meaning no one gets left out or misses a turn, the only person that loses is me!

I will arrive at your home, hall, field, or wherever you are celebrating in plenty of time to meet the special birthday person and set up, then it will be time to get down to the serious business of have fun.

A standard 2hr party is £185 and normally runs like this..

Arrive 30 mins before to meet birthday girl/boy, set up and then greet children as they arrive with my very fluffy, very cheeky puppet friend, Betty.

45 min of a quick hello then story, action songs, birthday crown making and much silliness.

20 min of foooood and cake and “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOOOU!!”

45 min of games, parachute play, giant dressing up box and hula hoop fun.

10 mins wrap up, a balloon on a stem for everyone and a happy hometime.

I will bring blankets, cushions, puppet, balloons and alllllll equipment needed for games.

Shorter 1hr party is £135 and runs like this…

Arrive 15 mins before to meet, greet and set up.

1 hr of story, action rhymes, and either craft activity or circle games and silliness.

Or if you really want a super-special day….

Belltent sun

Delux 2hr bell tent and bunting party £330

*I will need 8m diameter of flat grass to pitch tent.

Will arrive 1hr 30min before to pitch tent and decorate and stay 30mins after to pack away.

45 min of a quick hello then story, action songs, birthday crown making and much silliness oh and giant bubbles (these are so much fun and make for great photos!)

30 min foooood and cake .

45 min of games, parachute play, giant dressing up box and hula hoop fun and a happy home time.

This is The Tent of Wonder; a 5 metre, circular, canvas, portable storytelling space and it is magical beyond words.

A calm, gorgeous space that allows you to drift away to who knows where.

The Tent of Wonder and I are also available for work with primary schools and nurseries.

Ol’ Wondertent sits lightly on the Earth and needs no special fancy-pants electricity or other such technologies, just 8 metres of flat, soft ground…..

… some hearts to listen gently and some ears to weave wonder-smiles into.

thumbs ahoy

Please do get in touch for a chat.

Janina can be reached on     janinavigurs@hotmail.co.uk   or     079200 65275

The Tent of Wonder does not answer emails.


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