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The only constant


After a whole weekend of self-induced domesticity I stepped outside,  into the air of a pre-work morning to scrape the last gooings of the porridge pot into the compost.   The magical bin where food goes in and soil comes out sits snuggled into the hedgerow not far from the front door, wormery and the other members of it’s waste repository family.

The tangled thickety mass of hawthorn that embraces the bin yesterday had looked much the same as it had done last Wednesday, ..and the Thursday lunchtime before that, …or whenever it was I last  paid it any attention.

But today it was pink.

Not just the warm, soft blush pink of a sun barely risen.  No, this was a siren-searing cerise.

“Hey there hedge, you’re lookin’ gooooood today! When did you get so pretty?”

“Oh, it’s a look I’ve been working on for a while.  I’m glad you noticed.  It’s taken you a while.”

“Taken me a while???!!!”    I stopped and looked at the collection of brown twigs that my fella calls  forsythia.

Long, pendulous butter-yellow buds dripped from it’s stems.

The horse chestnut, like a child’s fingers fresh from the sweetshop, thrust it’s fat, sticky tips towards the sky.

Suddenly, Spring had happened.

Only it hadn’t.

This had been going on for months.  Reverently, solemnly, each plant had been preparing itself for another jazz-hands display of razzle-dazzle.  Barely drawing breath from last season, they have been quietly inching-out roots and swelling tiny, deep-set nubs.

And that’s the thing with nature, and the nature of things; nothing ever stands still.

Mountains, sand dunes, attacking swarms and thundering, raging storm clouds… they all move, (just some much more slowly than others.)

Change is constant, which can be a comfort if times are tough.  Rough patches don’t last forever, they may get better, they may get an awful lot worse, but today will pass like water under a bridge.

Equally, when times are heart-stoppingly exquisit, to have the clarity of mind to pause and feel the bliss on your lips and tuck it away in your cinema-heart is a wonderous thing.

Because that’s the thing with nature and the nature of things …..